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      ABOUT US

      Established in 2013, JUICEMAN® has consistently provided it's consumers with the best tasting vape juice on the market. Our award winning ejuice products are sold in over 1,000+ smoke shops and vapor stores worldwide. Our global distribution network consists 100+ smoke and vape distributors such as eJuices.coFrosted Smoke (South Africa)Blue Horse LTD (United Kingdom), Steam And Vape (France)eJuiceMurah (Indoesia)Breazy (New York) and many more! 

      With your biggest desires in mind, be prepared to fall in love with one of our premium eliquid flavours. We manufacture many different nic flavors such as Orange, Mango, Blueberry, Grape, Cotton Candy, Pink Lemonade, Cereal, Rainbow Candy, Cherries, Blackberry, Caramel Tobacco, RY4, Tiramisu, Strawberry Cheesecake, Crème Brûlée, Russian Cream, Russian White, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Bubblegum, Colas, Chocolate, Milk, Banana, Dragon Fruit, Acai Berry, Apple, Anise, Apricot, Bacon, Bavarian Cream, Black Currant, Black Licorice, Blue Raspberry, Butter Cake, Butter Rum, Butter Toffee, Butterscotch, Cake Batter, Candy Corn, Caramel, Caramel Apple, Carrot Cake, Cinnamon, Coconut, Coffee, Cranberry, Cream Soda, Cucumber, Doughnut, Egg Nog, Honey, Hazelnut, Horchata, Irish Cream, Irish Whisky, Flan, Fruit Punch, Kiwi, Lemon, Lemon Bar, Lemon Custard, Lemon lime, Maple, Mocha, Mixed Berry, Passion fruit, Peach, Peanut, Pear, Pecan, Peppermint, Pina Colada, Pistachio, Plum, Pomegranate, Pumpkin, Root beer, Sour, Tangerine, Tequila, Toasted Coconut, Toffee, Tutti Frutti, Vanilla Cream, Watermelon, White Chocolate and more.

      Our nic salt vape juice products currently come in 2 size and nicotine form factors. Sizes: 100mL & 30mL.

      100mL eJuice products are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. We always recommend that our customers vape 0mg. All of our products contain a nicotine warning statement on the front and back of our outer most packaging that reads WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NICOTINE. NICOTINE IS AN ADDICTIVE CHEMICAL. We also have a nicotine warning inside the packaging that’s attached to the bottle label which takes up 35% of the label. It’s important for us to follow all regulations and guidance for the vapor industry.

      Some of our most popular flavors include Unicorn Frappe, ZoNk, Cherry Cola and Snow Man On Ice, Mad Man, American Cowboy!

      Since founding the company in 2013 it’s been our goal to help make this world smoke-free. We honor this by releasing new flavors, continuing to innovate our research and development facility, make upgrades to our laboratory infrastructure, produce traceable and batch coded products with expiry dates, consistently age-verify our customers and promise to use only the highest quality ingredients.   

      Some of the most popular brands in the USA today are Juice Man, Puff Bar, Juice Head, Air Factory, Humble Juice Co. Keep in mind, if you’re looking for the best nic salt vape juice products that you’ve come to the right place. Our nicotine vapour flavours were crafted for perfection. We hope you enjoy.     

      Our shipping and logistics team have over 20+ years experience in international freight forwarding. We typically send our eJuice products internationally via DHL so you can expect your ejuice order to arrive from USA with fast shipping. We’ve been experiencing a high demand of customers from the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Iceland, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and many more. We’d like to thank all of you for your continuous support. If you ever need a shopping buddy or have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out us. Our online vape shop is open 24/7! We look forward to hearing from you!

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      All domestic shipping within the United States is FREE. 
      Enjoy Free Shipping on all eJuice orders placed on www.JuiceManUSA.com 

      100mL Vape Juice

      Juice Man carries a variety of different 100mL vape eJuice flavours such as Unicorn Frappe, Unicorn Frappe On Ice, ZoNk Cotton Candy, ZoNk Orange Mango, ZoNk Pink Lemonade, ZoNk Watermelon Strawberry, Mad Man, Snow Man On Ice, Cherry Lime Cola, Cherry Blue Cola and American Cowboy

      Our 100mL free base nicotine is made with the highest quality ingredients in the world. We use Nic Select nicotine, Musim Mas VG, flavorings from the top flavor companies such as Capella, The Flavor Apprentice, LorAnn and Flavour Art and more.

      We have 4 different nicotine strength levels: 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml & 12mg/ml. Products with no nicotine are labled 0mg/ml. We always prefer that our customers vape 0mg/ml.

      Looking for cheap vape eJuice near you? Just visit our online vape shop! Ordering with us is as easy as 1-2-3! We ship to over 50+ countries worldwide. Get your vape eJuice flavors shipped to USA, Austrailia, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Iceland, Japan, Israel, South Africa, Canada and more!

      Unicorn Frappe flavor is the best tasting vape eJuice in 2020. Imagine a rainbow candy vape; sour blue raspberry, cotton candy and whipped cream. 

      Unicorn Frappe On Ice is the best tasting ice vape eJuice in 2020. Sour fruity vape.

      Snow Man On Ice is the best tasting snow cone flavored vape ejuice. 

      Mad Man is the best tasting fruit circled cereal with milk vapor flavour .

      Cherry Lime Cola and Cherry Blue Cola are some of the tastiest and best vape juice flavours in 2020.

      ZoNk ! Watermelon Strawberry - Is the best candied bubblegum inspired vape ejuice on the market

      ZoNk ! Mixed Berry - Grape, bubblegum, blueberry, raspberry.

      ZoNk ! Orange Mango - Orange mango bubblegum.

      ZoNk ! Pink Lemonade - Pink lemonade bubblegum. 

      ZoNk ! Cotton Candy - Cotton candy bubblegum.

      To learn more about the potential dangers of nicotine addiction please click this link


      30mL Nic Salt Vape Juice

      Looking for the best nic salt vape juice in 2020? Look no further than Juice Man nicotine salts. Juice Man has flavours that deliver in layers. Fall in love with one of our many ejuice nic salt flavors such as Unicorn Frappe, ZoNk, Mad Man, Boss Man and more!

      Our nicotine salts are available in 20mg/ml, 35mg/ml & 50mg/ml. Our 20mg/ml is now available exclusively in the European Union countries. We ship our nic salt ejuice worldwide and our nicotine salts have been awarede the best tasting nic salt liquid in 2020.

      Salt Nicotine liquid has been around for quite a while now and it's started gaining popularity in 2018. In short salt nicotine is a new form of nicotine that has a much more effective way of delivering nicotine into your system.

      You can have a much higher nicotine strength and it won't be as harsh.

      Now salt nicotine is naturally formed in leaf tobacco and it's much more stable than its freebase counterpart.

      It's taken quite a few years to perfect salt nicotine for vaping but I think we've finally done it. Now you're probably wondering what the big difference is between regular freebase nicotine and salt nicotine? Well I've been vaping salt nicotine alongside freebase nicotine for about two months now right now. I'm actually vaping 50 milligrams of salt nicotine now. I know what you're thinking 50 milligrams is a ridiculously high amount of nicotine and you're correct, it is, from a freebase standpoint.

      In salt nicotine there's actually a secret ingredient that makes it tolerable at higher nicotine strengths and that secret ingredient is called benzoic acid.

      Now benzoic acid actually serves multiple purposes first of which being helping salt nicotine vaporize at a much lower temperature along with lowering the pH levels to provide a much smoother throat hit. It also creates a chemical reaction that helps it be a little bit more absorbable, similar to freebase nicotine essentially you're able to vape much higher strengths of nicotine to really get that cigarette like rush of nicotine.

      The fifty milligrams that I'm vaping right now is similar to 18 milligrams in terms of a free base nicotine throat hit. I'm feeling much more of a head rush with this salt nicotine.

      Now as good as all this sounds, Salt nicotine is only recommended for low wattage devices because you are getting much more nicotine.

      We don't recommend anyone to use our nicotine salts unless you have vaped nicotine salts in the past. 





      Is it legal to buy vape liquid in Australia?

      Is it legal to buy e cigs, eliquid or vaporizers containing nicotine in Australia?

      The short answer is yes and no.

      Follow these guidelines and you're good to go inside Australia. It is illegal to sell advertise and import resale electronic cigarettes and related products that contain nicotine. Therefore e cig companies based in Australia can only sell electronic cigarettes and products that contain no nicotine. If you want nicotine in your eliquid you'll have to import them from outside Australia.

      To import follow these guidelines: You must order them from an international company from outside Australia.

      The law in Australia states it is legal to import a three-month supply or less for personal use.

      What is considered a three-month supply that answer is still unclear so use good personal judgement when ordering. There is no import prohibition from customs on electronic cigarettes with nicotine for personal use.

      That just means they are not going to confiscate your order. Also there are no customs fees for orders under $1000 AUD.

      A few things to note coupon codes do not reduce the price of the declared value of the product so for example. If you get a 100 dollar vaporizer for $60 it counts as one hundred dollars so you need to keep the total of the products at their original price under $1,000 AUD.

      Bottom line getting vaporizer products sent to Australia is super easy head and you can expect your order to arrive fast via DHL

      Cheap Vape eJuice Austrailia available with discount code. Please call us if you have any questions. +1 909 210 4195 

      Wholesale Vape eJuice Distributor

      Juice Man is the largest wholesale vape eJuice and distributor carrying over 1,000+ flavors, tanks, coils, disposable devices and other vapor products. Our global distribution network consists of over 500+ smoke stores and vape stores. If you're a vape store, smoke store, or tobacco shop please click this link to visit our vapor wholesale sign-up page. Juice Man is the fastest growing smoke-free technology vapor juice supplier in the United States. With no minimum order quanities and free shipping, what's there not to love? Stop buying low quality products from China and other Whack eJuice manufactures. Our quick order fullfilment will give your vape ordering a peace of mind. You can expect your package to arrive within 2-4 days after placing your order. Please make sure to check out our sister company www.eJuice-Wholesale.com 

      We have the best pricest on all vapor liquids and devices. Our recipes are made with precise formulations to ensure that our 100ml eliquid and 30ml salt nic products are far superior than the other brands. Order with confidence. If you would like to place your order over the phone please call +1 (909) 210 - 4195



      Corona Virus & Vape | COVID-19

      I mainly wanted to focus on some misconceptions and precautionary measures to take when it comes to handling your vape device all while keeping down the risk of contracting coronavirus

      If you're a vapor disinfecting and washing your hands frequently along with refraining from touching your eyes nose and mouth is highly advised.

      Also if you are sick or feeling ill self-isolation for at least 14 days will help minimize the risk of spreading the virus it's also highly recommended to get checked for the virus by calling your doctor ahead of time instead of just kind of showing up that way they can take some precautionary measures and prepare accordingly.

      Researchers are saying that symptoms typically take about 2 to 5 days to show up so if you're feeling completely fine that may not necessarily be the case but definitely wash your hands or disinfect them as frequently as possible.

      Now let's get into the vaping side of things. It's quite a common practice to kind of let your friends or family try your vape or just to try what flavor that you're vaping. We highly advise against that especially in these times. We have even taken the steps and advised all of our retail stores to temporarily halt the sampling of ejuice flavors to help minimize that risk of spreading the virus.

      Now the key word there is temporary. We recommend our stores to resume sampling as soon as Public Health says it's safe to do so.


      One thing we need to take into consideration as well is the PG and E liquids PG or propylene glycol which is one of the main ingredients any liquid tends to dehydrate you which can in turn lower your immune system so drinking plenty of water to help counteract that as highly advised.

      Now on the topic of PG many people believe that PG can actually disinfect and kill flu viruses but as absolutely amazing as that would be there's just not enough research supporting that the study.

      Pertaining to this claim was done all the way back in the 40s with lab rats they exposed two groups of rats to influenza type A viruses but one group was also exposed to aerosolize PG. Lab rats exposed to PG did not get the flu while the other group all will died. Now lab rats are a very inconsistent subject to test on especially in comparison to humans. Most lab rats are actually bred to be in a laboratory environment meaning most of them also have underlying health issues. Also we don't know if the PG actually killed the virus or if the virus just bonded to the PG molecules which helped prevent it. All we know is that one group died and one didn't and that's it. There's just way too many variants and missing information here to consider it a conclusive fact so until there's more research done on it we wouldn't put too much trust in it.

      Going back to the actual devices themselves, I highly advise you to kind of handle all of your vape devices with clean hands. Picking up your vape device off a table or grabbing it out of a pocket you can easily accidentally grab the drip tip and in turn that drip tip goes right into your mouth again.

      We can't stress enough the importance of clean hands and disinfecting your drip tips and devices.

      To keep up to date on COVID-19 please visit the CDC.

      E-liquide France

      Juice Man vous propose une large variété de saveurs en échantillons de 100mL. 
      Pour vous donner une idée, nos meilleures ventes en E-liquide sont Unicorn Frappé, notre gamme de liquides fruites ZoNk, et notre gamme Cola Cherry Lime Cola et Cherry Blue Cola. 
      Nous vous offrons aussi une vaste sélection de Nicotine Salt. La raison de notre succès est en partie grâce a la qualité de nos liquides de cigarette électronique. 
      Nos produits sont composés d'ingrédients frais et d'une qualité premium, qui nous sont procurés par les meilleurs fournisseurs sur le marché, à savoir Capella, The Flavor Apprentice, LorAnn and flavour Art et bien d'autres.
      Notre gamme de produits se compose de 4 différents niveaux d'intensité : 3mg de nicotine par mL, 6mg/ml et 12mg/ml. Les liquides sans nicotines apparaissent sous 0mg. 
      Vous recherchez des saveurs de qualité et riches en goût a prix reduits? Rendez-vous sur notre magasin en ligne! Nous livrons dans plus de 50 pays dans le monde. Ou rejoignez notre partenaire français sur le site lepetitvapoteur.com.

      eJuice Man

      Juice Man online vape shop is well known amongst the vaper community as being one of the best vapor stores on the internet. Our online vape shop is open 24/7 and we are available for any questions or concerns you may have. If you're aiming to quit smoking, vaping may potentially be the best gadget to give you the same type of complete satisfaction. While we can't make any health claims regarding our products, we do however, encourage smokers to try our nicotine alternative products. Once a smoker engages in the habit of e-cigarettes our goal is to help the vaper widdle down thier preferred nicotine strength. A smoker who's convering to vaping would typically prefer to vape a 12mg or 35mg salt nic. This is because the higher concentrations of nicotine provide the user a higher throat hit than normal which mimicks the throat hit of a traditional cigarette. 

      Vape Mods

      Online vape shop specializing in cheap vape mods such as starter kits, disposable vape mods, sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable atomizers, rebuildable dripper tank, cotton and more. Some of the brands that we carry include SMOK, Vaporesso, Mi-One, Aspire, Vandy Vape, Reactor mod, Jackaroo 100w, YIHI SX, Vandy Vape and more. Juice Man's online vape shop carries low wattage vape devices and high wattage vape devices. Some of the most powerful vape devices are our devices that have over 100w+. 

      USA Vape Juice

      Vapers around the world prefer to use USA vape juice because USA vape eliquid companies have been known to produce the best flavors and highest quality ejuice around the globe. The Mecca of eLiquid manufacturing would have to be right here in Los Angeles, California. Many of the top USA vape juice companies were founded in Southern California. Stability and quality is achieved throughout JUICE MAN's eliquid brand by maintaining strict manufacturing processess and procedures. Our vape shop carries cheap USA vape juice available in 100mL and 30mL salt nic. Nonetheless, make sure you check out our USA salt nic juice which is available in 35mg and 50mg. 

      Where can I buy vape juice near me?

      Are you looking to buy vape juice near you? You've come to the right place! Juice Man online vape shop sells over 1,000+ vape brands and products. Our large selection includes vape mods, vape devices, vape hardware, vape starter kits and more. We also have a phenomenal selection of nic salt vape juice that consists of over 1000+ USA vape juice flavors. Our vape juice flavors sold on our website are from some of the best e-liquid companies in the United States. Our vape shop is known to be one of the best online vape stores on the internet.  

      Non Nicotine Vape Flavors

      Non nicotine vape flavors are available on all of our 100mL vape juice flavors. Our Non Nicotine flavors are titled 0mg/ml. These vape juices contain 0.00% nicotine. We always recommend our customers to purchase our non nicotine vape flavors. This is because nicotine is an addictive chemical and it's best to stay away from nicotine if you haven't used nicotine in the past. You can pratically find any of your favorite vape juices available in non nicotine format. Non Nicotine or 0mg/ml format is the best way to enjoy your vape without getting a dose of nicotine. We always prefer our customers to use our vape juices titled 0mg/0mg.