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      30mL Nicotine Salts ( Nic Salt Vape Juice )

      30mL Nicotine Salts ( Nic Salt Vape Juice )

      NIC SLT®

      Best Nic Salt Vape eJuice and eLiquid

      Juice Man is the largest manufacture and distributor of premium nic salt vape ejuice products. Our Nic Salt juices are available in 35mg salt nic and 50mg salt nic. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list for vape coupon codes. We usually give away nic salt discount codes every other week! 

      Most nicotine salt vape juices work great in small pod vape devices and are available in the following flavors: Unicorn Frappe, ZoNk Watermelon Strawberry, ZoNk Pink Lemonade, ZoNk Orange Mango, ZoNk Pink Lemonade, ZoNk Cotton Candy, Mad Man, Snow Man On Ice, Cherry Lime Cola, Cherry Blue Cola, American Cowboy, Boss Man Chocolate Tiramisu, Boss Man Caramel Vanilla Tobacco, Boss Man Russian Cream Tobacco ( RCT ), Boss Man Banana Crème Brûlée, Boss Man NY Strawberry Cheesecake. Nic Salt flavors are intended for small low wattage devices. To learn more about Nicotine Salts click this link

      WARNING: This product contains very High Nicotine content, not intended for Sub-Ohm use


      Nic Salt Vape Juice

      Salt Nic

      What's Salt Nic?

      Salt Nic has been going by a bunch of different names lately. It's typically most known as Nic Salt or 30ml Nicotine Salts. Salt Nic is available in many different strengths and delivery options. At a vape store you will typically find 25mg salt nic, 30mg salt nic, 35mg salt nic and 50mg salt nic. We've even see vape juice brands go as high as 60mg salt nic. To get a better understanding on how the percentages are based for the nicotine strengths here's an example. 25mg salt nic is 2.5% nicotine and 50mg salt nic is 5.0% nicotine. We don't recommend people to try Salt Nic products if they haven't tried other freebase nicotine products in the past. Nicotine salts are the new trend in 2020. You can find nicotine salts available in many other vape devices and as of most recently, disposable pods contained with nicotine salt has become the latest trend. If you're looking for the best cheap salt nic our online vape shop is here to serve you. 

      35mg Salt Nic and 50mg Salt Nic

      Juice Man currently produces nicotine salt products in 35mg salt nic and 50mg salt nic for all of our flavors. The reason we choose these nicotine strengths was because we found that most of the devices on the market were very low wattage and required more nicotine inorder for the user to have a satisfiying throat hit. Many vapers switch from freebase nicotine products to salt nic products because they want to achieve a harsher throat hit and higher nicotine concentration levels.

      30mL Nicotine Salts

      Our 30mL nicotine salts are some of the best nic salt vape juices and have received awards worldwide for it's fine taste.