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      How to store vape juice? Where to keep vape juice?

      Many vapers have been asking us how to store vape juice or where's the best place to keep your vape juice stored? People also have been wondering if you can store vape juice in the fridge.

      The best place to store vape juice is in a cool dark dry area. It's important to keep your vape juice away from sunlight or bright UV rays as this can speed up the expiry process of nicotine.

      Nicotine typically expires within 1-2 years of manufacture date. Some good news is that 0mg juice typically does not expire. This is because there is no nicotine in 0mg vape juice. 

      You might be curious if you can store vape juice in the fridge? Personally I would not recommend this because it's possible that moisture can build up and get inside of your eliquid. Please just store your eliquid or vape juice in a cool dark dry area. 

      How to store vape juice

      Best Vape Pens 2020 - Vape Mods

      Best Vape Pens 2020

      What are the best vape pens of 2020? In our opinion, the best vape mods include small disposable pod devices or starter kits such as eLeaf, Smok, Innokin, Joytech, VaporFi, Puff Bar, Voopoo and more. The most powerful vape mod would have to be the the SnowWolf 200W, Pioneer4You 200W, Wismec 200W, Tesla 200W. You can also get the Movkin 150W TC MOD, Sigelei 150W TC MOD, Sigelei T150 150W Touch Screen Box Mod.

      Choosing the perfect vape device for you can be a tough decision. I always recommend to have 1 large box mod such as a high wattage vape device such as the Smok Alien Kit. The Smok Alien Kit is a powerful yet cheap vape device. I think the Smok Alien is perfect for starters because it comes with a sub-ohm tank. The batteries can also be charged while you vape. This is called Pass-Through technology charging. 

      I have to admit, SMOK makes some seriously good products. One of the best small vape pod devices would have to be the SMOK NORD KIT. The SMOK NORD KIT packs a mighty punch for a small device. I love this thing! I use our 30mL nic salt vape juice.

      One of my favorite salt nic vape juices would have to be Unicorn Frappe. This flavor Unicorn Frape has to be one of the most extraordinary eLiquids the vaper community has experienced. 

      What is Vape eJuice?

      100ML VAPE E-JUICE


      Vape juice or E-Juice or E-liquid is a flavoring fluid that may or may not contain nicotine. They are available in different nicotine strengths. Vape juice contains 10% flavoring ingredient and 90% PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin). It is used as a vaporizer. 

      • PG (Propylene Glycol) It is an easily absorbable liquid and is thinner than VG. PG-juice can cause allergies sometimes.

      • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is the widely used ingredient in any vape juice. It delivers a dense cloud of vapors and is non-toxic. It is sweet in taste. VG-juice can affect the throat if used regularly.

      Choosing the correct vape juice flavor for yourself can really be a task.  


      • There are a lot of flavors available. You can select the right flavor for yourself based on your preference.
      • You can select the level of nicotine you want to consume. The vape can have high strengths or zero strengths or any in between.
      • You can control the amount of vapor you give out.
      The 100ml vape e-juice is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. All the ejuice contains nicotine except the 0mg/mG. The quantity or strength of nicotine in each juice is different and depends on the mg and ml you are consuming. Nicotine is an addictive substance that has harmful effects. Nicotine can affect the brain, heart and other systems.Nicotine is often used as a substitute for tobacco leaves.
      Vape e-juice is available in different flavors depending upon the ingredients used and also the mg in which they are available. All the flavors are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. A 0mg vape juice does not contain any nicotine, 3mg vape juice has a very low amount of nicotine content, 6mg has a low amount of nicotine present and 12mg has a medium amount of nicotine strength.
      Juice Man is the largest manufacturer and wholesale distributor of 100 ml vape e-juice. 100ml juices are available in different flavors in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. Juice Man is best known for selling the best vape e-juices at a discount. Juice Man hails from Los Angeles, California. Online is the best way to get 100ml freebase nicotine. Online vape e-juices orders can be placed easily. The orders are accepted in countries including the USA, Sweden, Germany, Russia, UK, India, Iran, China, France, Poland, Jordan, London, Denmark, Dubai and many more. The delivery is done through FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.
      Different flavors of 100ml vape e-juice are ZoNk Orange Mango, ZoNk Cotton Candy, Mad Man, Unicorn Frappe, Unicorn Frappe on Ice, ZoNk Watermelon Strawberry, ZoNk Mixed Berry, Cherry Blue Cola, ZoNk Pink Lemonade, Dragon Frappe, Cherry Lime Cola, Snow Man on Ice and many more. Some of them are listed below with all the details.
      • Unicorn Frappe: This 100ml vape juice is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Unicorn Frappe is one of the tastiest juice flavors available. It contains mango, cotton candy, sour blue-raspberry, and whipped cream. It is available at a price of $24.99. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30.
      • Unicorn Frappe on Ice: It is known as the tastiest ice vape juice. It contains mango, sour blue raspberry, cotton candy, and whipped cream. It is available in all mg flavors and may contain Nicotine. It is a cheap 100ml vape juice at a price of $24.99. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30.
      • Snowman on ice: Rainbow snow-cone vape eJuice. This e-juice is perfect for non-methanol users since it gives a light cooling sensation. It is a cold rainbow snow-cone doused with tropical fruit syrup. This drink is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg at a discount of 100ml vape juice at $24.99. It has 70VG/30PG.
      • Mad Man: It is a milky fruit-circled cereal flavored vape e-juice and is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. It is available at a price of $24.99 and has 70VG/30PG.
      • Cherry Blue Cola: It is a unique blend of sweet and sour blue-raspberries mixed with OG cola. It may contain nicotine and is available in all mg. It contains 70VG/30PG.
      • Cherry Lime Cola: It is one of the best tasting cola vape e-juices. It is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg and has 70VG/30PG.
      • ZoNK Watermelon Strawberry: It is a sweet mixture of watermelon and strawberry that creates a perfect taste. It is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.
      • ZoNk Mixed Berries: It has a mixture of berries and grapes that can just make your day! It is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.
      • ZoNk Cotton Candy: It’s the best cotton candy bubblegum you can ever vape. It is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.
      • ZoNk Orange Mango: A perfect mixture of orange, mango, and some chewy candy, it is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.
      • ZoNk Pink Lemonade: A mixture of lemonade and chewy candy, it is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

      eJuice Wholesale - Ejuice, Pods, Tanks, Coils, Nicotine Bars

      E-juice Wholesale – For a Better Vaping Experience

      The best ejuice wholesale store is www.ejuice-wholesale.com

      eJuice-wholesale.com carries over 1000+ brands such as Juice Man, Air Factory, Puff Bar, Candy King, Juice Head, Taffy Man, Pop Bar, and more.

      Vape juice is considered to be a major fluid which is used to generate vapor. This liquid is a major ingredient in vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. It is manufactured in a variety of flavors each containing varying quantities of nicotine. Some liquids contain very high levels of nicotine while some others contain no nicotine at all.

      The vape juice generally contains ingredients like Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), nicotine (based on preference), food flavors and water. The general composition of this liquid is 90% PG or VG and 10% food flavors or nicotine. PG or VG are incorporated to equally spread out the flavors throughout the entire liquid. PG or VG fluids are used in larger quantities in order to vaporize nicotine and food flavors so that it becomes safe for consumption. There are many sites which offer consumers to buy eJuice Wholesale in a variety of flavors and quantities.

      There are many differences between eJuices which contain PG and the eJuices which contain VG. EJuice Wholesale is offered by many brands all over the world. All the differences and benefits of each are highlighted below:

      Propylene Glycol (PG):

      PG is a major ingredient which can be used instead of VG in the manufacture of vape juice. The consistency of a PG liquid is not very thick and this makes it a good absorber. This liquid facilitates a clean and healthy vaping as the amount of residue produced in the tank is very less.

      PG liquids are generally safe for consuming and breathing. This is considered to facilitate a large throat hit and this is the reason for the users to choose this liquid. However, people who use this liquid might get affected with allergic reactions.

      Vegetable Glycerin (VG):

      his ingredient is typically preferred by the manufacturers as it generates dense vapor clouds. VG liquids are odorless and colorless.                                       

      VG is considered to be a modern ingredient, when compared to PG. Therefore, traditional vaporizers might not be able to generate vapor. This is considered to be thicker and produces more residue on vaporizers.  This liquid is sweet in taste and is used as a sweetener in many other products. This generates soft throat hit when compared to PG liquid.



      Choosing a VG or PG liquid completely depends upon the choice of a particular user. There are companies and brands who offer Vape Juice Wholesale for regular users. Users can get eLiuid Wholesale with either or a combination of the two ingredients.

      Food Flavors:

      The VG or PG ingredients do not have a strong flavor of their own. This is the reason why food flavors are used in manufacture of vape juices. When the VG or PG ingredients are combined with certain food flavors, a delicious taste can be produced along with a small flavor.

      There are certain food flavors, which are considered to be safe for consumption but harm for inhalation. For example, diacetyl is an ingredient of this kind. The vaping industry has mostly removed such flavors and ingredients from the market.

      Popular flavors of vape juices include mint, ice cream, candy rancher, brownies, cookies and many more. Many brands launch their own Ejuice Flavors Wholesale which are liked by all. Hundred plus flavors like cotton candy, mango, banana, etc. are also available. 

      Nicotine Levels:

      Nicotine is considered to be an addictive chemical but it is used in the manufacture of vape liquids. Generally, top brands which manufacture vape juices do incorporate certain quantities of nicotine in their products. Nicotine is mainly used in vape juices so that it can improve the sensation of throat hit.

      However, the quantity of nicotine used in the manufacture of vape juices can highly differ from brand and to brand and from flavor to flavor. Nic Salt Vape Juice Wholesale is made available to the users all over the world.

      There are varying intervals of nicotine salts which are used in the manufacturing of vape juices. These intervals range from 12mg to 24mg of nicotine salts. Vape juices with 0ml of nicotine are considered to be nicotine free as they do not contain any amount of nicotine salt. This is particularly made for individuals who wish to vape without the use of nicotine. This is also considered to produce a high level of vapor.

      For changing nicotine levels, it is always suggested to move either one level up or one level down for safety measures. Users who are trying to quit cigarette smoking, may opt to choose vape juices with a high nicotine level. 

      Manufacturers do purchase Nicotine Salt Wholesale in order to manufacture a large quantity of vape juices for their consumers.


      Water is generally used to suppress the effect of some flavors used in the .

      Selecting a vape juice which would suit the basic needs of a person completely depends upon his or her choice. Generally, users purchase several flavors of ejuice liquid in order to decide their favorite one. If you are considering flavor, then ejuices with PG liquid are preferable. Regular users can purchase 30ml vape juice wholesale or 1000ml vape juice wholesale based on their needs and requirements. Brands like VEPPO, VAPORESSO, etc. are known to produce exotic and premium quality of vape juices which are considered to be a must try products for all regular vape users. 

      30mL Nicotine Salt Vape Juice

      30 ml Nicotine Salt Vape Juice

      The industry of e-cigarettes and vaping is constantly changing.The use of e-cigarettes among adult men and adult women is becoming widely prevalent around the world/


      • Nic salt e-liquid:


      The traditional freebase nicotine had high alkalinity. The high pH caused irritation in the throat of the user. As a result, people had to vape nicotine in lower quantities to reduce the feeling of harsh throat hits. Nicotine salts should not be confused with common salt that can make the vaping liquid salty. Here, nicotine salt means a chemical compound which has resulted from the reaction between an acid and a base. The new revolution brought nic salt juice into existence which contained pure nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves along with a useful chemical, i.e. benzoic acid.  Benzoic acid reduces the pH of the nic salt liquid and makes it comparatively soothing to the throat of the smoker. People are finding it smoother to vape larger amounts of 25 to 50 mg of salt nicotine e-juice. Salt nicotine vape juice is popular in the USA. 


      • Vaping salt nicotine e-liquids:


      The addition of benzoic acid enables the nicotine salt juice to vaporize at a lower temperature. The benzoic acid facilitates specific reactions in the nicotine receptors of the body so that people are able to tolerate increased doses of nicotine.  Due to the chemical, the harshness of nicotine can be reduced to remarkable levels. Nicotine salts are found to be easily absorbed by the body compared to classic freebase nicotine. It is relatively cheaper for the user to vape the nicotine salt using an inexpensive vape pen rather than spending lots of money on buying a box mod or a sub-ohm tank.


      • Specific e-cigarettes for optimal use of nicotine salts:


      The nicotine salts are most suitable with compact, low wattage e-cigarettes like Aspire Breeze, pod vapes and Suorin Air. Due to the lightweight nature, these devices are portable and provide the necessary comfort to the user. You should not use nicotine salts for vaping through high powered devices in the very beginning because high powered e-cigarettes have the capacity to deliver increased amounts of nicotine through vapor and affect the low tolerance in beginners.


      • Available strengths of nicotine salts on the market:


      Generally, nicotine salt vape juices provide few mg of benzoic acid per 1 ml. WHO recommends that a user should not vape more than five milligrams per kg body weight to avoid health complications. Nicotine salts are being sold having a concentration ranging from 25mg, 30mg, 35mg, 40mg & 50 mg. People should choose carefully according to their requirement for maximum satisfaction. Nicotine salts having 30 to 50mg of strength are appropriate for the vapers who want less nicotine and more vapor. Those who seek pleasant tastes of various flavors should purchase these kinds of nicotine salts. This strength is suitable for vaping in sub-ohm tanks. Nicotine salts of 25-35 mg is available, ideally for the people in need of substantial nicotine doses. 


      • What are Nic salt pods?


      These are compact, low power devices offering refilling facility, developed especially for vaping nicotine salts. These pods have high-quality battery life enough to use all day. It is ideal for the vapers at the beginning stage. These small sized pods are very comfortable to carry in a pocket or a purse. They come in capacities of 1.8 to 3.5 milliliters. Some pods feature a fire button for activating it. The density and quality of vapor depends on the battery wattage, e-liquid and rate of puffing.