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      Looking for the best tasting, discount, cheap nic salt vape juice? Juice Man online vapor store carries many different nicotine salt vape juices in 35mg and 50mg ranging from candy, dessert, berry, tobacco and more.

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      30 ml Nicotine Salt Vape Juice

      The industry of e-cigarettes and vaping is constantly changing. New variations are being introduced frequently in e-liquid formulations. These e-cigarettes have become the perfect alternative for tobacco products because there are studies showing vaping e-cigarettes is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. People generally vape to quit smoking or for casual recreation. The use of e-cigarettes among adolescents and women is becoming widely prevalent around the world.

      • E-liquid in E-cigarettes:

      Smoking a normal cigarette produces tobacco smoke. But the e-cigarettes contain e-liquid which is vaporized by the heating coil present in it and provides a safer way to recover from tobacco addiction. The user gets a stimulating sensation of tobacco without real tobacco combustion. Research claims that tobacco smoke produces a reactive mixture of 5,000 chemicals, whereas vapor produced by e-liquid comprises around 80 chemicals only. The vapor or aerosol inhaled by the user is generated from an e-liquid which is now available in different flavors like coffee, vanilla, peppermint, caramel, menthol and many more. The common constituents of e-liquid include glycerine, propylene glycol, liquid nicotine and added flavors. Traditionally, nicotine was added in e-liquid in the form of freebase nicotine, the purest form found in nature. Nic salt vape juice is the latest trend of the vaping industry because of its unique formulation.

      • Nic salt e-liquid:

      The traditional freebase nicotine had high alkalinity. The high pH caused irritation in the throat of the user. As a result, people had to vape nicotine in lower quantities to reduce the feeling of harsh throat hits. Nicotine salts should not be confused with common salt that can make the vaping liquid salty. Here, nicotine salt means a chemical compound which has resulted from the reaction between an acid and a base. The new revolution brought nic salt juice into existence which contained pure nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves along with a useful chemical, i.e. benzoic acid. This novel product was first prepared by JUUL Labs. Benzoic acid reduces the pH of the nic salt liquid and makes it comparatively soothing to the throat of the smoker. People are finding it smoother to vape larger amounts of 25 to 50 mg of salt nicotine e-juice. This salt nicotine vape juice is able to provide the satisfactory experience of cigarette smoking to the people since the products contain nearly 60 mg nicotine per ml.

      • Vaping salt nicotine e-liquids:

      The addition of benzoic acid enables the nicotine salt juice to vaporize at a lower temperature. The benzoic acid facilitates specific reactions in the nicotine receptors of the body so that people are able to tolerate increased doses of nicotine. Benzoic acid counterbalances the excessive basicity of nicotine and modifies it into a safer, less basic compound.  Due to the chemical, the harshness of nicotine can be reduced to remarkable levels. Nicotine salts are found to be easily absorbed by the body compared to classic freebase nicotine. By switching to nicotine salt juice, people can enjoy a wider range of flavors because nicotine salts have no effect over the flavoring agents. By inhaling higher concentrations of nicotine, the user is less affected by the liquid vapor pollutants like heavy metals and nanoparticles. It is relatively cheaper for the user to vape the nicotine salt using an inexpensive vape pen rather than spending lots of money on buying a box mod or a sub-ohm tank.

      • Specific e-cigarettes for optimal use of nicotine salts:

      Salt nicotine e-liquids release elevated levels of nicotine and less amounts of vapor, which stimulates an impact similar to cigarette smoking. This unique quality can help some people get rid of tobacco addiction. The nicotine salts are most suitable with compact, low wattage e-cigarettes like Aspire Breeze, pod vapes and Suorin Air. Due to the lightweight nature, these devices are portable and provide the necessary comfort to the user. You should not use nicotine salts for vaping through high powered devices in the very beginning because high powered e-cigarettes have the capacity to deliver increased amounts of nicotine through vapor and affect the low tolerance in beginners.

      • Available strengths of nicotine salts on the market:

      Generally, nicotine salt vape juices provide few mg of benzoic acid per 1 ml. WHO recommends that a user should not vape more than five milligrams per kg body weight to avoid health complications. Nicotine salts are being sold having a concentration ranging from 25mg, 30mg, 35mg, 40mg & 50 mg. People should choose carefully according to their requirement for maximum satisfaction. Nicotine salts having 30 to 50mg of strength are appropriate for the vapers who want less nicotine and more vapor. Those who seek pleasant tastes of various flavors should purchase these kinds of nicotine salts. This strength is suitable for vaping in sub-ohm tanks. Nicotine salts of 25-35 mg is available, ideally for the people in need of substantial nicotine doses.  Transitioning smokers who crave high quantity nicotine should go for nicotine salts having 50 mg concentration. This high dose is not recommended for beginners in vaping. This e-liquid is suitable to use by low wattage MTL e-cigarettes.

      • What are Nic salt pods?

      These are compact, low power devices offering refilling facility, developed especially for vaping nicotine salts. These pods have high-quality battery life enough to use all day. It is ideal for the vapers at the beginning stage. These small sized pods are very comfortable to carry in a pocket or a purse. They come in capacities of 1.8 to 3.5 milliliters. Some pods feature a fire button for activating it. The density and quality of vapor depends on the battery wattage, e-liquid and rate of puffing.


      Many people nowadays are choosing nicotine salt for vaping as it is capable of providing the consumer great recreation and satisfaction. The customers have the chance to select between a myriad of alluring flavors. The 30 ml nicotine salt juices have been manufactured carefully to give a long lasting experience to the users. Exciting offers are also available in different flavors of nicotine salt juice, which you should definitely try.