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      The Trio III is a portable convection vaporizer that aims to simplify and de-clutter your vaping experience. If you are interested in enjoying the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, dry herbs, or concentrates the Trio III portable dry herb vaporizer is the best option for you. It utilizes the true convection method that produces heat with vapor. This feature makes it most desirable as the concentrates, oils, dry herbs never come in contact with heat unlike in the conduction method. This method ensures that indirect heat is supplied to the dry herbs that result in a more healthy, smooth flavor and clean vapor production.

      Generally, vape products utilize the conduction method to produce heat. In this method, the concentrates or dry herbs come in direct contact with the heat. Direct contact with heat results in the burning of the product such as terpenes and other cannabinoids. The flavor and vapors produced resultantly are not desirable and very bad for lung health. Moreover, burning results in ash production that makes the device very messy. It takes a lot of effort to clean it completely and use it again.

      Pocketable Size
       You will fall in love with Trio III as it is very portable, small, and perfectly fits in your palm or in your pocket. It measures only 76 mm in height and 56 mm in width. It's not a burden to carry as it has a minimum weight of 50 grams only.

      Replaceable Battery
      It's equipped with a powerful 18350 900 mAh battery. The battery is rechargeable as well as removable located on the side of the gadget. You can charge it by using a 0.5A USB adaptor or a separate Li-ion charger.  It also provides smart chip automatic recognition.

      Air Flow
      The Trio III also features the most efficient airflow system called isolated air path that provides a balanced amount of air enough to produce good quality vapor and flavor production.

      3 in 1 Optimization
      The Trio III brings next-level technology with exceptional design and engineering in the vaporizer industry. It features 3 in 1 convection vaporizer with dry herb Optimization, wax concentrate Optimization, and oil cartridge Optimization making vaping easier than it has ever been. It has 2 separate chambers for dry herb or concentrates and a cartridge if you are using oil for vaping.

      How to use it?
      It is very simple and easy to use. Before starting read the user manual. Fill the chamber or cartridge with your desired product and begin with pressing the power button five times to turn the device on, and repeat the same to turn it off. As the battery will produce heat the vapors will be produced that can be inhaled via a glass mouthpiece. If you wish to change the power level press the power button 2 times. If you want to try a convection vaporizer try Trio III.

      If you're searching for the best dry herb vaporizer we highly recommend the TRIO III by Gypsy Vapes. This vape is small yet mighty device that delivers a great vapor production through every puff. The Gypsy Vapes Trio III convection vaporizer is available on our online vape website.